line borders for 2 different plots, how to make them the same.

Hi all,

I have 2 linear plots from 2 different value, and I plan to compare them, but as x- axis does not match (due to font or the left axis values).
Is it possible to adjust both x-axis in 2 plots.


please share your data

Thanks Mathieu.
Attached please find the data (BT data from btll1,csv, Ap1t data from Ap1t.csv.)
I saved both images as the size of 700x300 for example.
Ap1t.csv (19.6 KB)
btll1.csv (4.8 KB)

Like this ?

Thanks Mathieu and sorry for being late,
please compare these 2 columns (BT, Ap1t).
Also, if plots saved in a separated figures would be better.
out3_BT.csv (703 Bytes)
out4_Ap1t.csv (1.1 KB)

Later I can merge the figures.

Then you have to configure your axis manually to make sure they are similar.

Thanks Mathieu, In case is there any tools to fix the x axis length in the linear plots.