Line chart view axis title properties

This seems like a basic question but I can’t seem to change the axis title properties in a line chart view. The “axis title properties” category is missing from the GUI on my Mac. Was it moved to some place else?

Which version of ParaView are you using ? Where are you looking for that property ?

I tried both Paraview 5.8.0 and 5.8.1. I was trying to chang the axis title font size, which according to the Paraview guide should be listed in the line chart view properties. But on my “properties” panel, I can only set the texts of the axis titles but not the font. Same thing with the chart title.

I just tried to replicate your problem in 5.8.1 and noticed that if I don’t hit the “toggle advanced properties” button (gear right next to the search box in properties panel) I don’t get the font choices. Perhaps this is your problem?

Yes that was my problem…Thank you!

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For reference : I can't find an option/parameter/control in a dialog, or tab (such as the Properties tab)