Line Integral on plot over line


I have two questions to ask
Q 1)

I have data where I extracted a slice and used a plot over line filter to get data on a line at a particular point. When I applied integral filter on the line and use point data I am getting very unphysical values. When I use cell data on the same filter I am not seeing any data at all.

Am I doing it correct is there anything I am missing it here.

Q 2)
I am using paraview 5.10.1.-RC1 on Ubuntu. When I use Tools and manage plugins I don’t see any plugins at all. I wanted to use Surface LIC plugin to be loaded. How do I load plugins in paraview.


Hi Ramesh,
If I understand you correctly, you wish to see your variable data at one point within your slice. If this is what you would like to see, select that point using interactive select points on, within your slice. If you have temporal data, then you can use the filter Plot Selection over Time.

For question 2, I would re-download ParaView and use 5.11.0. If you want a known stable release, do not download anything that says -RC.