Line plot from csv point data

Dear ParaViewers,
I have just started using ParaView so pardon me if I am asking something obvious. I have a 2D CSV data in the following format:
x1, y1, u1
… … …
… … …
xn, yn, un

I could generate a contour plot for the data uj, j=1,…, n using the Table to Points filter and it looks perfect.
I now want to extract the values of uj only on a specific line in 2D, say X-axis. Using the “plot over line” gives me nothing (i.e. nan). Using a Delaunay filter is problematic as my 2D geometry has multiple holes and the delaunay triangulation fills up these holes. Is there a way to obtain the line plot I mentioned just from the CSV points data without using any triangulation?

You could try SPH Line Inteprolation.