Link Cameras with Rotational Offset

I want to be able to link two views, but have some rotational offset between the initial camera positions. For example, I want the camera in View1 to start out pointed in the +X direction (+Y up) and the camera in View2 start out pointing in +Y (+Z up) direction. Then, if I rotate View1 90 deg around the +Y axis to now have the camera pointed in the +Z direction I want View2 to automatically rotate 90 deg around its +Z axis to have the camera point in the +X direction. This allows me to dynamically view an object from multiple angles.

Is this possible? As far as I can tell when one creates a CameraLink between two views it automatically adjusts one of the views to be aligned with the other.

HI Mike,

Open your project
Within the properties tab, search for Transforming
Select the window you would like to the offset change to occur.
Change the x,y or z to the desired value
Link your cameras.


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