Load Python plugins in Paraview (Linux)


I was following the instructions in section 5.5 of the Paraview’s reference manual (5. Programmable Filter — ParaView Documentation 5.12.0 documentation) because that’s what I want for my work, quoting the manual: “If you want to distribute such modules, or package them into modules with user interfaces, for example, then VTKPythonAlgorithmBase -based approach is recommended instead.”.

My problem arises in a later line: “To use this new filter [an example shown previously], save this to a .py file, and load it as a plugin using the Plugin Manager from Tools > Plugin Manager”. The thing is, the plugin manager uses .so files (in Linux distributions, my environment) and does not detect .py files. As it says here (https://www.paraview.org/Wiki/ParaView/Plugin_HowTo): “Plugins are distributed as shared libraries (.so on Unix[…]*”.

So, my question is: How can I add a python plugin to Paraview, am I forced to use the Programmable Source and Programmable Filter? I would like to have my plugin code in .py files and then load them as section 5.5 of the reference manual suggests. I have seen examples of python plugins in the gitlab repository (for example: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/blob/master/Examples/Plugins/PythonAlgorithm/PythonAlgorithmExamples.py) but I don’t know how to incorporate them into my Paraview since they are .py files. I feel like I am missing something because I am following the manual’s instructions.

I hope it wasn’t too much text and I was understood. For additional information that might be useful, I am using Paraview 5.5.2 in a linux client-server environment. I may be using an old version of Paraview, but the oldest instructions availabe in ReadTheDocs (v5.8) say the same.

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Welcome to ParaView, @enricsosa

Python algorithm filters were not introduced until ParaView 5.6, hence you will not be able to load them into ParaView 5.5.2.


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Thanks for your welcome and your response! That’s what it was, now with version 5.9 it works.

Many thanks.