Load siles with large spatial distance

I have seveal vtk files (in the order of 2-3kb) that represent boreholes over a region. The problem is that it is too slow to load. I believe the problem originates in the spatial distance.
Each file (borehole) has dimensions 5x5x25m, but the two files can be 5000m apart. As such, paraview have trouble rendering the files.
If I drag and drop file by file, while disabling the axes, it goes well. But I don’t want to drag and drop 1000 files.

B38F0001.vtk (1.4 KB)
B38F0009.vtk (2.9 KB)

Can you advise how to do load them?

I’m a bit confused. ParaView loads the datasets without issue, accept, as they ar far apart, they cant be seem both at the same time.

What would you like to see instead ?

This is because you load 2 files. If you load 20 of those, it takes 10s of minutes. I have to drag and drop one by one, plot it, drag the other file, plot it etc.

If I upload 1000 of those files, then paraview didn’t finsih after 1 hour of waiting. If I merge all those 1000 files, into a single file, then paraview loads it within few sec.

Yeah, hundreds of differents files will have an hoverhead. Can you use another format instead of .vtk ?

boreholes.vtk (1.6 MB)
Basically this is the file I want to plot. When merged, it is fine. If I split it (in fact there are 800+ separate voxels), the problem starts.

What file format should i look into? SO far, my script only generates vtk formats. Could you advise?

Why are you splitting it ?

That’s a good question. Basically, each “borehole” has a unique name, which I would like to see on the pipeline browser. Then I can decide if I want to show this on the plot (or not).

In other way, I do not know how to add labels for each of those items, so I can know which one is which.

You want to use a composite dataset, like MultiBlock or PartitionnedDataset.

In your situation I’d split the dataset and merger them into a single multiblock file, then using the multiblock inspector you can show each block separatelly

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Thanks. I was not aware about this option. I will look into that option.