Load State

I am trying to load a saved state in Paraview, but what I noticed is that any time I load it Paraview just closes, and I do not know how to solve this because I do not get any error line. Do you have any recommendations?

Please share the statefile and version of ParaView.

Hi, thank you for your replay
It is a pvsm file the one of the state unfortunately I can not share it because they are sensitive clinical data coming from a patient, and I am using paraview 5.11.2. But I can did not create the state file, I obtained it from someone else.
Can it be related with the paraview version it was created and the one I am using to open it?

Then I’d suggest to consider contracting professional support: https://www.kitware.eu/get-support/

It could be, though 5.11.2 should support state files from version 4.2 and above.

If you open the .pvsm file in a text editor, you should see a line like below:

<ServerManagerState version="5.10.1">

What version does it say?