Load time series with python state file


I am trying to load some time series through a python state file but unfortunately, I only manage to load the first time step. Here is the syntax I am using :
xml_reader = XMLMultiBlockDataReader(Filename= file_list, TimestepValues = time_list)
xml_reader.PointArrayStatus = [ ‘ro’, ‘rovx’, ‘rovy’, ‘rovz’, ‘p’]
xml_reader.PieceDistribution = ‘Block’`

I tried with the pvsm state file and when loading, everything is fine. At that point, I am stuck and I have no idea unless using pvsm but as I have several pictures to create, it would be much easier with python.

Thank you for your help.

There’s not complete parity between the pvsm and py state files as far as the GUI client goes.
Stick with the pvsm for setting up your views, then output py for batch processing. Should work fine.

Another trick that works well is to create a state file, then Tools/ Start Trace loading that state file. Save this python trace, and you can now edit it.