Loading collated output from OpenFOAM

is it possible to load collated output from OpenFOAM directly in Paraview or is the only way to read such outputs is to reconstruct the collated files and thus double the amount of hard disk space required?

Did you try opening collated output with ParaView already ?

yes, without success. Did I miss something?

Probably not, what kind of failure did you obtain ?

I don’t get a failure in particular, I’m just not able to load the files… I think ParaView does not look for them as I only have the usual decomposed and reconstructed options in the properties of my “case.foam” loader file.

Ok, then collated file are not supported by ParaView yet. Support would need to be implemented in the reader.

Hello Mathieu, is collated support already implemented in the latest paraview version? If not, do you have any idea when this will become integrated?

This feature would be very handy, since I’m using openfoam on a cluster and I’m having a lot of problems due to restrictions on the number of stored files and I/O operations. I’m presuming that many other people are running into the same issue.

I’m afraid it has not been implemented yet.

If you are willing to contribute to this, do not hesitate to reach out.

@olesenm @Charles_Gueunet

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Hi @tomLauriks

This issue is a basic roadmap of what we need to do to properly support collated format. Could also have a brute-force approach and reread/reparse the files for each processor, but that would memory inefficient, thrash the disk a bit etc. It really would make more sense to restructure the output, which would also make it easier to handle host-collated.

However, as you can see from the issue tracker, not much progress (pending some external interest).

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