Loading DICOM driectory to Paraview Glance


The ParaView Glance still not supporting the loading of DICOM directory to read multiple *.dcm files to display the volumetric picture of DICOM scan image.

I wonder if any of you have a solution to this issue. Can you suggest how we can enable this feature in Paraview Glance.

Syed Hussain

Are you asking for a local directory or a remote one?

Good question!

In fact, I need both the options -

(1) local DICOM directory and

(2) remote directory in DICOM Storage server

for loading DICOM into Paraview Glance

Appreciate your suggestion…

Hi! With regards to local DICOM directory upload, we currently do not support uploading directories due to directory upload not yet being a browser standard. We do support selecting a list of multiple *.dcm files and displaying the volume, and a *.zip containing dcm files. That being said, if you target most recent versions of browsers (this means no IE), Glance can be extended to add a separate DICOM directory upload.

Remote directory in DICOM storage server is possible, but not currently implemented. Glance will have to be extended to support that scenario.

However, *.dcm files are also not loading the ParaviewGlance. The PraviewGlance browser is recognizing *.dcm files. However, after loading *.dcm files no display is coming up.

So the dataset exists in the left sidebar, but doesn’t render in the scene? I’m trying to figure out where the issue could be.


3D view of the DICOM from input *.dcm files should be available without issue. Like we see in 3D Slicer tool.

Thanks for the info. I only have a single sample *.dcm stack that renders just fine, so I’m trying to see what’s different with your dataset. What is the orientation of your dataset? If you rotate the empty scene, does anything show up or happen?

Any ‘XYZ.dcm’ will be loaded fine.

However, loading ‘*.dcm’, that naturally contains two or more .dcm files will not be getting loaded in the visualization browser.

Oh, clarification: I meant that I’ve been testing with a sample series of 20 *.dcm files that, when I select them all in the file browser, loads and shows a volume.

When you load all the files, can you slice the dataset? In the sidebar under “Slices”, you can click on the greyed out X/Y/Z buttons to show slices. Does that show anything, or does nothing show up?