Loading SHP files

I am new to ParaView. I am rendering 3D images of a complex groundwater flow model. I would like to load some SHP files and have them overlay the top elevation of the model (i.e., land surface). These SHP files would be polyline and polygon vector features like roads, building outlines, contaminant plume boundaries, etc. Is this possible with PV 5.8.1?

No, but it is possible with ParaView 5.9.1

That worked. Thank you.

Could you let me how you overlaid the shapefile on top of your vtk file? I do have polylines and polygons imported by the fall within the vtk file (with elevation). Thanks.

Hi Leila. To get this to work, I first converted my 2D SHP files into 3D SHP files in ArcGIS. It’s important to make sure all your files are using the same geographic projection and horizontal and vertical datums and length units. The 3D SHP files come directly into PV (I’m still using v5.9.1) using the Open command.

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Thanks, Nate. Did you set the height of your 3D shp to an elevation higher than the top of your other layers? I am a groundwater modeler as well and I have a modflow USG grid converted into the vtk and its top elevation varies across the basin.

Good question. I did not, but after setting up your 3D SHP file, you could certainly add some extra distance if you choose. Bottom line is, I did all of this outside of PV. Once your 3D SHP file is the way you want it, it should pull right into PV. BTW, you’ll want to make sure whatever elevation raster you’re using to convert your 2D SHP file to 3D extends beyond your model domain. Otherwise you can get mathematical “waterfalls” in your SHP file at the fringes of the model domain.

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BTW…I used the Interpolate Shape feature in ArcGIS 10.8 to convert my 2D SHP to 3D SHP. Interpolate Shape (3D Analyst)—ArcMap | Documentation

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Thanks a ton, Nate! That worked great and solved my problem! I appreciate your help! : )