Loading State file in Paraview Client

Hi all,
I’m connecting to a remote machine running pvserver on it and trying to load a state file located on the remote machine. But the folders displayed in the client side for laoding the state file are on the client computer but not on the remote machine. This isn’t an issue with the connection since I was able to load the data files properly.(That dialog box displays the files in the remote machine)

I don’t know how I could provide any additional information regarding this but, I’m using paraview 5.6.0-1074-gdcb1bac (nightly)

This is by design. Your datasets will be located on the remote file system (server side), but state saves and loads, as well as save screenshot and save animation products are always written to the local machine (client side).

The state file should be small - just copy it to the client side?


I’m working with a group that always stores their state files next to the data, on the server. What do you think about providing an option to load state from server-side, probably off by default?

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Not specifically against it, but that would require a specific implementation to make sure the client create all the proxies. I’m afraid this could be a complex task for little benefit.