LoadState throws "AttributeError: ... Use add_attribute() if you really want to add this attribute."

I’m in ParaView 5.7.0-RC1.
I’m using Tools → Start Trace to obtain a starting point for a batch script.
Next I load a state in the GUI and select the option “Choose File Names”.

This produces the following line in the trace:

LoadState(path_state, LoadStateDataFileOptions='Choose File Names',

where I replaced lengthy paths by some/path for better readability.

However, executing this line in pvpython throws the following error:

AttributeError: Attribute uvwp_pltFileName does not exist.  This class does not allow addition of new attributes to avoid mistakes due to typos. Use add_attribute() if you really want to add this attribute.

Now … is this a bug or is it a feature. If the latter is the case, how exactly do I call the add_attribute() function?

This has been fixed in 5.7.0-RC2:

Awesome, thanks!
I had also stumbled upon the issue in gitlab by now. You could maybe figure out how to have a message like “fixed in 5.7.0-RC2” posted to these issue threads.

If an issue is closed it usually means it is fixed, and the milestone indicates in which version it is fixed. I don’t think we’ll break down milestones into release candidates - hopefully the major.minor.patch version offers sufficient granularity.