Logarithmic Slider with Decorator in Python Plugin

So far, I’ve only seen decorators that allow for linear scale slide bars. Is there a logarithmic scale slide bar?

For example, I have a slide bar to scale a sphere. The growth rate is very high on the left side of the slide bar, and slows down as I reach the right side (1000). I would love to have a linear growth rate (hence a logarithmic slider). Any ideas?

    @smproperty.doublevector(name="R1Scale", default_values=1)
    @smdomain.doublerange(min=1, max=1000)
    def SetR1Scale(self, x):

There is no logarithmic slider available in ParaView, I’m afraid.

This would be a nice simple addition though.

Yes, I think it would be useful for a lot of situations. I made do with the following code.

    @smproperty.doublevector(name="Radius Scale 10ˣ", default_values=0) # semimajor axis
    @smdomain.doublerange(min=0, max=5)
    def SetRadiusScaling(self, R):
        self.radius_scale = 10**R

This gives me a slider that will scale my sphere’s radius by 10^x. I could use np.exp(R) as well.