Logging or Simple Telemetry in VTK


I successfully followed this example which guided us into the implementation of a RemoteRenderer website.
Because we would like to compare the performances of different solutions (e.g.: Paravieweb + VTK or Paravieweb + Paraviewserver or vtk.js+paraviewserver), I’m wondering if there is a built-in feature which allows me to collect log data.

I’ll explain a little bit better: while I’m moving the cone, vtk server starts to send me hundreds of images.
I would like to record the required time for process the image.
Mark the start and end-time for each iteration.
So I’m wondering if is there some telemetry already built-in in vtk (which monitor all the http calls), or if I should create this custom behaviour by my self.

Thanks for your time,
Ennio Bolondi

Hi again, I investigated a little bit and I discovered that in the module “paraviewweb\src\NativeUI\Canvas\RemoteRenderer” the following five different stats are collected:

  • roundTrip
  • workTime
  • deltaT
  • RenderCount
  • StaleRenderCount

And it’s great! This is actually almost what I was looking for. I created a WebAPI to store them into DB.
As I can see, in the same module, there is the option to show the stats into a “statContainer” which will be attached to the main DIV.

Another really important feature is that you are able to see the “statistics” on the GUI!
To achive them, in the js where you instantiate the RemoteRenderer, you should add the following rows (at the line 28):

const statRenderer = new RemoteRendererStatsTable();
const renderer = new RemoteRenderer(pvwClient, null, -1, statRenderer);

as you can see I’m using the "RemoteRendererStatsTable, so you should import it at the beginning:

import RemoteRendererStatsTable from ‘paraviewweb/src/NativeUI/Renderers/RemoteRendererStatsTable’;

At the moment this is what I get.
Thanks for your time.

PS: the labels of the GUI stats are rendered in black, so is better to choose another color because the background is black as well. Black on black doesn’t work very well… I paint them white.