Logging or Simple Telemetry in VTK


I successfully followed this example which guided us into the implementation of a RemoteRenderer website.
Because we would like to compare the performances of different solutions (e.g.: Paravieweb + VTK or Paravieweb + Paraviewserver or vtk.js+paraviewserver), I’m wondering if there is a built-in feature which allows me to collect log data.

I’ll explain a little bit better: while I’m moving the cone, vtk server starts to send me hundreds of images.
I would like to record the required time for process the image.
Mark the start and end-time for each iteration.
So I’m wondering if is there some telemetry already built-in in vtk (which monitor all the http calls), or if I should create this custom behaviour by my self.

Thanks for your time,
Ennio Bolondi