Logging support


I’m trying to use the vtkVLogF(PARAVIEW_LOG_PLUGIN_VERBOSITY(), “…”); into the plugin (GenericIO Reader) that I am modifying. When I add #include "vtkPVLogger.h, I get the following error message:

/home/pascal/projects/paraview/Plugins/GenericIOReader/Readers/vtkGenIOReader.cxx:25:10: fatal error: vtkPVLogger.h: No such file or directory
25 | #include “vtkPVLogger.h”

How can I enable logging for the plugin.


You need to link to ParaView::VTKExtensionsCore to be use the header.

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…which you add in the Plugins/GenericIOReader/Readers/vtk.module file under the DEPENDS section.

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That worked. Thanks