Logging to a file but not to standard out

I would like to output paraview logs to a file, but without them appearing in standard out. Is this possible?

I tried something like this, but I get the logs in both in the terminal and the file:

env PARAVIEW_LOG_PIPELINE_VERBOSITY=INFO /usr/local/opt/paraview_egl/bin/pvbatch -l /tmp/pvlogs

You can set the verbosity of each log file as well as the standard output separately. The -l/--log option allows you to add a , after the filename followed by a log level. Likewise, the -v/--verbosity option sets the log level for the standard output but not the log files.

  /usr/local/opt/paraview_egl/bin/pvbatch \
    --log /tmp/pvlogs,INFO --verbosity WARNING \