Looking for a point (or cell) labelling filter

I have a CSV table with X,Y,Z coordinates, plus a label column, plus other data. I can read this into a “spreadsheet view”, then apply the “Table to Points” filter with “include all data” and get a number of points in space with attributes, including a label attribute.

I can go one step further and use the “Find Data” tool and have the label be displayed for all selected points.

So far so good.

But my question is: Is there also a filter that I can apply to my “attributed point cloud” and have the labels displayed without selecting the points?

In a way I almost expect that there “should” be one, but I don’t find it. Or maybe I am approaching the problem from the wrong side!?

Thanks for any helpful hint!

Good catch, you found one of our feature holes. This has been discussed, and a feature request has been entered with Kitware. The relevant bug/features are here.


Related is: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/issues/18653


Thanks - that’s good news: the proposed solution sounds even better than a dedicated filter!

is there way to output all selected point data into a file?

Once you have points selected, you can add an Extract Selection filter (either from the Find Data dialog or the Filters -> Data Analysis -> Extract Selection menu). Then save the extracted points to a file with the File -> Save Data menu item.