Looking Glass Plugin

I would like to make a plugin for the Looking Glass its works by rendering out a light field based on 45 horizontal views. I searched and couldn’t find a plugin for paraview as yet.

I think I could create a 45 views in python then stitch them in another application and then send those to the looking glass but that seams to be a very slow workflow.

I think hypothetically if I could work out how to get the views rendered I will be able to create a quilt and send it to the looking glass using the c# plugin

My question is as paraview supports stereo rendering, multiple display systems and VR what would be the best plugin to look at on how create theses 45 views?

Indeed, creating the quilt would be the way to go, using the C++ API of lookingglass.
The problem is that you will need to regenerate this “quilt” everytime any parameter is changed on ParaView side, I suppose it would still be slow.

I would just create a dock widget plugin widget with a button that create the quilt when pressed. Quite easy to program on ParaView side. Take a look into Example/Plugins/DockWidget