Low quality EPS file generated by Paraview

Hi everyone.

Today I spent too much time learning some things about Paraview (its beautiful color spectrum is tempting). Finally, I made my model and then exported it as an EPS file. I noted that:

  1. The size of the EPS file generated by Paraview is 4.4Meg (too too too large)
  2. The size of the same model in Tecplot is just 50K!!!
  3. The quality of the EPS file generated by Paraview is extremely low and cannot be used in a research paper. It made me disappointed.
  4. The quality of the EPS file generated by Tecplot is excellent.

I noted that some other users also complain about the low quality of EPS (and other) files generated by Paraview. Now, I have the following two questions:

  1. What is the best format (eps, jpg, bmp, png,…) that can be generated by Paraview?
  2. Is there any simple method to generate a high-quality graphic file in Paraview?

If your visualization is 3D you are much better off generating a high resolution png/jpg and adding that to your paper. I think the generated eps for a 3D image includes the raster image anyway hence the large size.

For 2D plots and graphs you should be able to generate a proper vector graphics file (eps, pdf).

We lost the ability to export 3D images to a vector graphics format when updating to modern OpenGL as detailed in

first section.

Thanks so much Dan

In my perspective, despite its powerful capabilities and beautiful graphics, Paraview has a long way to go.