macOS Catalina: Downloaded PV 5.8.1 crashes in PluginManager with "Load New ..."

A brand new downloaded PV 5.8.1 crashes on my updated Mac (10.15.6) when I press “Load New …” in the Plugin Manager.
Not really crash but the wheel of death, the application is stalled with 50% cpu-load. When I quit an see the report, it seems to be stucked in

When I build PV with superbuild (system boost and system qt5) it works and I can load my own plugin.

I did not extract it to Applications but Downloads but this shouldn’t make the difference?

pv581_crash.txt (86.7 KB)

Hi, this is a known issue that has not yet been resolved, but should be by the time ParaView 5.9 is released later this year.