Magnitude not saved when saving .csv, using PlotOverLine filter

Hi everyone,
I am using ParaView from the GUI, and I am using the PlotOverLine filter to evaluate my normal stress results on specific boundaries. Specifically, what PlotOverLine shows is Stress0.0_Magnitude.
I then select the filter and export the csv file. The resulting .csv file does not show Stress0.0_Magnitude, but it shows absolutely everything else. Furthermore, I don’t know what the magnitude is because I don’t even understand what the other values are (e.g. Stress0.0_0 up to Stress0.0_8). Is there any way I can just export the data points of what is actually plotted in ParaView using PlotOverLine? I am so confused. The source file should have the normal stress evaluated everywhere, so plotting this value over a specific line should just give the normal stress over that boundary.

This is what ParaView plots for me (and what I want to export):


And this is a screenshot of what I get from exporting the .csv file:

No Stress0.0_Magnitude :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Magnitude is often recomputed on the fly by ParaView, but may not be part of the actual data. You need to add the array with the Calculator filter, with mag(Stress0.0)

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Thank you! :smiley: