Make FAQ more apparent on the category navigation?

Would it be helpful to move the FAQ, which is a sub-category of ParaView support, to it’s own full category?

Furthermore, should we move the FAQ up toward the top of the category navigation on the left?

At present, it looks like this:

Maybe move it above “ParaView Support” and move “Announcements” down for the following order:

ParaView Support
In Situ Support
Web Support
Tips and Tricks


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Okay. I will make the changes now.


Very nice.

Nice !

What about adding a “CHECK HERE FIRST” in the subtitle of the FAQ ?

Done. Should I remove the text " If this is your first time here, please read ParaView FAQ before posting." from the ParaView Support category?

I’d say to keep it.

There is a typo in the FAQ subtitle though.

Thanks - fixed.