Making interactive windows and selecting data using Python

Hello, thank you in advance for viewing this thread.
I need to write a program to use the Python interface for Paraview to display STL models and select certain faces on it. I have learned how to import my STL model using the Python commandline and to Show() and Render() it in a separate window.
So my questions are:

  1. How can I rotate and zoom the model when it’s being displayed? Because when I use Render the windows is apparently unresponsive to any mouse interaction, including closing the window or trying to rotate, zoom etc. I have tried the Interact() command but I fail to grasp how I can use it correctly as it completely halts the execution of the code until it’s manually stopped. Also, I have tried this on both Windows and Ubuntu, and the weird part is that the window is completely interactive when the same code is run on Windows, but unresponsive when it’s run on Ubuntu.

  2. How can I use the Render() window to select faces on the model and pass the selected faces to my code as variables, in the form of Face ID’s?

Thank you.