Managing filter interface elements.

I am making my own filter, in the properties of this filter it is necessary to hide / show several controls by the button (- / +), how the property itself behaves.

Do you mean add/remove new values like in the contour filer UI ? Or hide /show properties based on values of other properties ? or maybe something like the gear/ advanced properties ?

For all these cases I would recommend to look into a current filter that behaves similar to what you need and then look at is XML definition. To find the XML definition you would need to search the name (using grep for example) of the filter among the xml files in the code base.

The visibility state of a property in the GUI is handled by “Decorators” so look for similarly-named attributes once you find an XML definition close to your needs.

Created my own button. The problem has changed, now my question is how to access filter GUI elements, for example DoubleVectorProperty, in order to call the Show, Hide methods in the handler of this button? It will be very good if such access provides the ability to change the displayed values in the element field; calling the SetXXX function in the xml file command=“SetXXX” does not give any result.
There is very little information on the Internet on how to create and manage a filter. I would be grateful if you could share links on this issue.