Mapping an image to a 3D stl model

Hi Everyone,

I want to map a colorful image to the surfaces of an STL file. I have attached an example image and STL file to this post. I would be thankful if anyone could tell me how I may map this image using ParaView.

Thank you.

Sphere.stl (615.3 KB)

You need to compute texture coordinates and then load your image as a texture.

Dear Sebastien,

I appreciate your response. However, I need a more controlled approach for this mapping task as my final 3D model has a more complex shape. Ideally, I want to place the image next to the stl surface and apply custom transformation to it (using the transform filter) and then map the image to the stl surfaces. In the approach you kindy suggested the software does not let me modify the orientation and location of the image. Also, the mapping should be performed on the surface that points towards the image. Using your approach, all surfaces, including the bottom and front surfaces, will be affected.

So the idea is to apply a texture coordinate on your mesh (from stl). Since you want something fancy for that mapping, you will need to compute those coordinates and assign them to your mesh points. I just used a basic filter that computed those for me in a reasonable fashion.