MathText usage for different font or non-ASCII characters in the axis titles


As you know, if I want to use mathematical expressions/symbols in the axis titles, the font of the axis title (inside or outside of the $$ signs) is converted to the default font of matplotlib (DejaVu Sans). My problem comes out here. I am using non-ASCII characters (mostly extended ASCII chars, Turkish language) in the axis title (outside of the $ signs) so default font type doesn’t support non-ASCII chars.

My questions are:

  1. Can I change default font type when MathText is used? If possible, how?
  2. Can I use ASCII codes or utf-8 unicode in the axis title when MathText is used? If possible, how?

Thanks in advance,

Does anyone have an idea?


If you are talking about Line Chart Axis Title or similar, there is a font control in the advanced options that allows you to select a specific font file.

Hello Mathieu,

No. I am aware of title font control but when the MathText is used, font control is disabled. You can easily test it by typing a text/symbol between the $$ signs in the chart axis title. If you know a way to activate the font control when the MathText is used, I will be satisfied.

Thank you for your help,

Indeed, that does not seems possible at the moment. Could you open an issue on our gitlab ?

I opened an issue on gitlab. Here is the link:

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