matplotlib plot inside pvbatch

I want to add a matplotlib plot inside paraview. The minimal example would be this:

from paraview.simple import *

myScript = """
from paraview import python_view
def render(view, width, height):
  fig = python_view.matplotlib_figure(width, height)
  ax = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)
  ax.set_title('Plot title')
  ax.set_xlabel('X label')
  ax.set_ylabel('Y label')
  return python_view.figure_to_image(fig)

plotCurve = CreateView('PythonView')
plotCurve.ViewSize = [3840, 2048]
plotCurve.Script = myScript


copying “myScript” into a python view inside paraview itself works but fails if i call the script above with pvbatch. Which is what i want to do. It saves a 400x400 image and seems to ignore ViewSize. Might someone know how to fix this?

solved it myself. The code works, but not in 5.6. The Upate to 5.9 did the trick

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