maximum edge length of cell

Dear all,

I need to obtain the maximum edge length for each one of my cells. My data is a multiblock dataset in .plt format (from Tecplot). I tried with the “Cell size”, “Mesh Quality” and “Extract Edges” that I can use to obtain other metrics like volumes, edge ratios and so on but I cannot obtain the edges lengths (or at least the maximum/minimum) for each individual cell. Is it possible to create a variable with the length of the longest edge for each cell? Thank you in advance!

one way is to write a script for the programmable filter. The example below iterates all elements and calculates volume which assigns to an array:

in your case you will need to have an extra outer loop to go over each block but you can start with applying Merge Blocks first and apply the programmable filter on its results. Once satisfied you can edit it for multiple blocks.