Maximum number of labels -- for Lagrangian particle tracking

Hello, I am having great problems color coding and tracking particles in a flow field. (I am referring to real solid particle seeded in a flow, i.e. Lagrangian particle tracking.) After selecting and coloring code different groups of particles (4 groups of 72 particles = 288 in all) when I visualize the particle movement, I see from time to time that the coloring of some particles become random, clearly unphysical. However, the particle motions individually appear to be physically correct – so this appear to be a visualization problem. I would like expert help in resolving this problem.

I note that there is an option, “The maximum number of labels” which is set initially to 100, and it says that if there are more particles that this number., the labeling could become random. But even when I set this this to 288 (or 1000, or 10000) there is still some random relabeling from time to time.

Incidentally, in my data file, among other variables I have particle tags – tag01, tag02, tag3. Can I use this in any way here? Also note that I am using Point Gaussian to plot the particles as small spheres. In each selection, I have 72 particles which I then color, respectively, red, blue, green, magenta.

Nadeem Malik

It appears that this is quite a serious problem – no replies so far.

How can I escalate this to higher level experts and/or managers?


Hi @nadeem

Indeed, it looks like nobody was able to answer you over the weekend.
If you are looking for fast professional support for ParaView, you may want to contact Kitware:


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