Measure and export streamline length

Good morning.

I want to measure the length of some stream lines of my simulation and export all of them together in a CSV file, do you know how I could do it?

Hi Elisa,

The stream tracer does not output the streamline length in it’s output. it would be possible to add it though.

To save as a csv, just Save Data -> csv

Hi Mathieu

I know how to measure it for 1 stream line and how toy export it. The problem is that I have to do it for several lines, like 100, that is why I am asking if I could it together, to avoid do it manally,

Thank you.

How do you measure the streamline length ?

I visualize only one stremline, then select the filter ‘Threshold’ on ‘Source’ and select SeedID with the same maximum and minimum value. Then ‘Integrate variables’ and when you visualize the Cell data you could see the length of the line.

Following your method, I do not see any field containing the length of the streamlines. Could you share a dataset and a state file ?

I send you a picture about what I see when use my method

Indeed, I missed it.
Sadly the IntegrateVariables filter does not support to analyse cells by cells.

You should be able to implement your own, cell by cell, integration and length computation in a ProgrammableFilter though.

Hi Elisa,
Try the Append Arc-Length filter. This filter creates a new arc_length scalar that is the length of the streamline from the seed point up to that point. So, by default the arc length will increase for both the forward and backward integration direction.

I think you can extract what you want from this scalar.


Hi Eliss,

Do you find a way to do that for every single streamline automatically? I can manually extract the coordinate of one streamline. Similarly I want to so that for every streamline and I still don’t know how to do that.

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