Measuring Cross-Sectional Area of Slice

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I have exported surface meshes from ITK-snap and am trying to measure the cross-sectional area of an arbitrary slice. This is a surface mesh so there is no interior points, so when taking a slice only the external surface of the mesh remains, leaving a continuous boundary. Is there a way I can measure the area enclosed by the boundary?

When I apply the ‘IntegrateVariables’ filter and switch to CellData I am only given the length of the line that represents the boundary. The cross sections are arbitrarily shaped.


Interestingly I would like to measure the boundary of an object from a head-on view (cross-sectional perimeter). I used the tutorial found here to measure the cross-sectional area: How to determine the coefficient drag in Paraview - Fluid Flow / CFD - SimScale CAE Forum

@Bears that might help you.

Say I want to measure the perimeter, how do I extract just the boundary and measure its length?

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Thanks for the advice @Devin_Pettigrew!

@frothiestbike I ended up exporting the 2D slices in an STL format and then writing a Matlab script to calculate the cross-sectional area. In my case, I was able to align the model so that the area calculations were a little easier. For a generic orientation, the Matlab script becomes more complex but still do able. Hope that helps!