Memory Inspector and Client System Properties do not match

I currently have ParaView 5.4.1-Qt5-OpenGL2-Windows-64bit installed on my machine. The machine has two Intel Xeon CPUs (18 cores/cpus…36 total on the machine) and 575GB of physical memory (617 total virtual memory). When I look at the ParaView Memory Inspector window, it says the system’s total memory is 26.4GB. When I right click on the client (in the Memory Inspector window) and look at the properties. It only sees one of the CPUS (only recognizes 18 cores) and it says that there is 602GB of host total memory available.

Why are the memory inspector and the “Client System Properties” not matching my system properties.

Looks like a bug in 5.4.1, try with the last release of ParaView, 5.9.1