Merge Blocks filter not working for XDMF multiblock unstructured grids in 5.6.0

I have an XDMF multiblock unstructured grid opened with the ParaView 5.6.0 binaries.
After taking a slice I get the following:

I attempt a Merge Blocks filter and get the following:

Can anyone else confirm this behavior? This operation worked in previous versions.
This is observed when ParaView is run in serial or parallel on Linux with both the GUI and osmesa versions.


This is a bug in the MergeBlock filter.

A workaround would be to use the cell data instead of point data as cell data are not impacted by the bug.


Thank you for the update. I will keep an eye out on that bug on gitlab.


Another option is to not use the Merge Points option for the Merge Blocks filter and then use the Clean to Grid filter to merge the coincident points.

This has been fixed by @Andy_Bauer and is available in ParaView master.