Merge Consecutive Delimeters breaks Detect Numeric Columns


I have a space-separated file with only numeric data. Columns of the data are either in integer format or X.XXXXXXXXE+YY format. The only thing separating the values are spaces, and each column of numbers has the same format.

When I tell ParaView to read this file and use " " as the field delimeter while merging consecutive delimeters, it fails to recognize one of the X.XXXXXXXXE+YY columns as numeric.

The file has lines formatted this way:
7 1 -0.16614024E-10 1 0.10000000E+03
8 1 -0.17312581E-10 1 0.10000000E+03
9 1 -0.15513101E-10 1 0.10000000E+03
10 1 -0.12424845E-10 1 0.10000000E+03
11 1 -0.89393963E-11 1 0.10000000E+03

and the third column is the one which fails to be properly recognized as numeric. It is instead read in as a string.

I know that the format is not a problem because without merging delimeters some of the values in the third column are read properly. Some are not, and I am unable to detect an appreciable difference between the ones that work and the ones that don’t.

Is there some formatting nuance that ParaView cares about that I’m overlooking? If not, is there a way to coerce the resulting non-numeric column to numeric from within ParaView?

Update: I haven’t found a solution to the problem, but I now know that the failure occurs on values of 0.00000000E+00 type numbers. I am lucky enough to be able to truncate my files to avoid dealing with numbers like this, but it must be done outside of ParaView (I am currently unaware of any mechanism within ParaView to reinterpret a data type, even after the offending 0.000E+00 values are removed by “Extract Selection” or something similar).