merge state files

Is there a way to merge state files, so that you have one instead of multiples?

I want to be able to open them all at once in the same window with say multiple layouts already set for the multiple state files?


Hi @Qutadah_Rababah ,

Load both state files and save a new one.


I tried that, however the layouts from the first state file are gone and I have to make new ones, is there a way to preserve them? @mwestphal

Sounds like a bug, could you share simple state files for that ?

here are two state files, do you need the vtk and .foam files as well?

contour.pvsm (1.4 MB)
isovolumes.pvsm (381.6 KB)

Yes please

here, but they are large files, sorry i dont have any smaller… they also need some time till they are fully uploaded. Thanks.