Merge xmf datasets in time


Let’s say I have 2 .xmf files, each of them points to a set of .h5 files. The first file has timesteps 1-10 and the second one has timestepes 10-20. Otherwise, the .xmf files are identical.

I would like to know if there is a simple way to merge those datasets into a single one containing data from timesteps 1-20. Is that possible?

Thank you very much in advance.

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I suspect that if you just load both files, it will work correctly. If not, try loading both, and then apply the TemporalShiftScale filter to your second dataset.


Thanks. What do you mean loading both files? I tried on the command line paraview file1.xmf file2.xmf and only the first one showed up.

The thing is time is recorded correctly on both datasets. The issue is since they appear as 2 different datasets in the pipeline, one is hiding the other and they each only animate for their own time range. When creating animations, this becomes a problem because it does not automatically switch from one dataset to the other.

Within ParaView, File/ Open. Open dataset 1. Apply. File/ Open. Open dataset 2. Apply.

They are not recognized as a single dataset with this method.

Hi! Any other suggestions? thanks