Mesh alignment with 3D-CT volume

I have plotted the error for example, the difference between the ground-truth and the predicted volumetric meshes (.vtk format) on the predicted mesh / mesh coordinates with a different colour (colour code based on displacement magnitudes) to visualize how much deviation that each point has as shown in the attached image (for that I simply used python calculator filter). Now I want to align this colourized mesh to the corresponding 3D-CT volume and perform clipping or slicing to see the interior deformation.

How can I align with 3D-CT volume using paraview ? Is it possible in Paraview ? If so can you elaborate the steps with an example please ?


It should be possible in ParaView, assuming you can load your CT data. However, you’ll have to do the alignment manually - there are no registration methods available in ParaView. You can use the Transform filter to apply transformations on the model points.