Mesh deformation using vespa in paraview


I am currently using Vespa to perform mesh deformation in Paraview, but I must admit that I don’t quite understand how to use it properly. If anyone can give me the steps to follow to perform it, I would be grateful.

I have attached screenshots of my input file, the target, and the ROI (region of interest), but I keep getting an error. Please provide a detailed but not exhaustive answer since I am a new Paraview user.

Thank you for your time.
Mehdi Hamidi

mesh(with generatedglobalID that i generated using a filter on the initial mesh) and the target(point source)
Mesh - target(white point) - and the region of interest

input and source (i choosed GenerateGlobalIds1 as input and pointsource1 as source)
i select global ids

after applying i get this error

Hi @Mehdi_Hamidi,

From what I can see in your screenshots, it looks like the ROI (the selection) has not been set as an input to the filter. This should be done by clicking on the “Copy Active Selection” button.

Hi @Tiffany_Chhim;

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my late reply, as you pointed it out the copy of the active selection was what i needed.

Thank you very much !