Mesh quality filter blank result

Dear all,

I am trying to apply the mesh quality filter to a simple grid in order to check the mesh metrics. However, whenever I compute the quality, the result in the Quality cell array is zero everywhere. Can somebody point me out what I am missing?


Please share your data and how you are using the filter.

Simple rectilinear grid (I get the same behavior with an unstructured mesh).

I load the file -> Mesh Quality -> Apply (default settings, same with other metrics)

paraview version 5.8.1 (Arch Linux)

Your dataset contains only voxels, which are not evaluated by the mesh quality filter.

It evaluate only Triange, Quad, Tet and Hex.

You can tetrahedralize your dataset first.

Thanks for the quick response. The tetrahedralize filter works but modifies the mesh. A coworker just pointed out to me that if you use the clip filter with the clipping plane outside of the volume it will convert the mesh to unstructured type also with keeping the number of cells as in the structured case.

Thanks again

AppendDataset filter would work as well.