Metrical unit in paraview

Hi all,
I am trying to upload two 3D .tiff images on paraview to make a visual comparison.
These images have a different number of voxels and a different voxel size, but eventually the dimension should be “equal” or, at least comparable, as follows:
Image1–> 148 (number of voxel) x 0.5 mm (voxel size) = 74 mm
Image2–> 267 (number of voxel) x 0.273 mm (voxel size) = 73 mm

However, what happen is that the second image (in yellow, which has higher number of voxel) is higher than the first (the blue one) [see attached file] 29 .

I know that Paraview doesn’t have unit, however there is any way to make this comparison?
I noticed that you can customize your data spacing when uploading the images, is it the only way to do that? Is there a better way to implement real dimension?

Many thanks for any help you will provide me!

Like you said, ParaView does not directly support units. But you can adjust the size and location with the transform display properties. In the Properties panel, turn on the advanced properties (that gear icon near the upper right) and scroll down about halfway until you see a group of controls labeled Transforming as shown in this screen capture.

These controls let you adjust the size and position of the object in 3-space. You can use the Scale parameter to adjust the size of each image. I suggest setting the Scale to the voxel size of each respective image. So for your first image, set the Scale to 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 and for the second image set the Scale to 0.273, 0.273, 0.273.

If you need to move the images around to line them up, you can do so with the Translation parameters.

Many Thanks Kenneth!
Your suggestion helped and solved my issue!