Migrating from RemoteRenderer to VtkRenderer.

I currently have a working server & client using RemoteRenderer & predefined protocols ParaViewWebMouseHandler, ParaViewWebViewPort and ParaViewWebViewPortImageDelivery. I now need the server to be able to push updates to the client, without the client requesting it.

To do so I’ve tried adding protocol ParaViewWebPublishImageDelivery to the server and VtkImageDelivery to the client.
I’ve replaced this.renderer = new RemoteRenderer(this.pvwClient)
to this.renderer = VtkRenderer.newInstance({ client: this.pvwClient });

With these changes, my server correctly creates the Visualization toolkit window with the render.
My client creates the canvas but does not display the render. Interacting with the blank canvas has effects on the server.

I’m not sure what I’m missing to solve this, would appreciate some help.

Solved my issue. I had set decode=false for the ParaViewWebPublishImageDelivery protocol but had not set the image encoding for the application. Fixed the issue with the following addition to my server code:

Glad you figure it out.