Minor typos in ParaView docs - who should I send them to?

Hi folks

I’ve been working my way through the (excellent) ParaView Tutorial & ParaView Guide PDFs & have noticed a few dozen minor typos. Anyone know who I should send them to? Or are these open source docs that users can modify for themselves?

Sorry, total noob an open-source software here…


All the doc is open source as well, so you can contribute and fix the issues.

However, it very recently been reworked from scratch, so the PDFs are out of date.
The new version can be seen here : https://docs.paraview.org/en/latest/

The source of the new version can be seen here.

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Thanks very much for the rapid response @mwestphal!! I will sign up for a GitLab account & make any corrections I find are outstanding.

In the meanwhile, do you know if there’s a similar link for the ParaView Tutorial PDF? The link you sent was for the ParaView Guide, but we’re only just beginning with that one. FYI, my web search for the PV Guide found the latest link in a flash, but I couldn’t find a corresponding link for the Tutorial:
https://www.ecosia.org/search?q=paraview+documentation+latest (finds the Guide link you sent me)
https://www.ecosia.org/search?q=paraview+tutorial+latest (doesn’t find a corresponding Tutorial link)

Thank you for your time

I’m afraid the ParaView tutorial will go away and be replaced by the new doc. @utkarsh.ayachit may know more.

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The tutorial is here. It will eventually be merged in to the same repo as paraview-docs, but until then this is the location for it.


Awesome! Thank you for the very rapid response, gentlemen! It’s been a big help.