mis-display the filename while ""Load State File" in PAraview5.8.0/windows 10

If there are two files the “Load State File” recongnize the correct filename ,for example “d:\example_3b.pvsm’, the Green arrow display the filename in windows system

If there are multiple files the “preview load State” could not display all the filename correctly, as red arrow point out, it should be ‘example_3b.pvsm’ ,but here it is ‘example_…b.pvsm’

At present I could load in the State file with manually input correct filename ‘example_3b.pvsm’
If Load State File function could display the correct filename, it will be much better for easy handling much more files.

Indeed a small bug. state file should not be presented as time-series. You can just click the black arrow on the left.

Do we have an issue to track fixing this?

Not yet no. I should have created it.