Missing "Load State Options" dialog

I am using Paraview 5.9.0 in Windows and Linux. How do I enable the “Load State Options” dialog when loading a PVSM file? Currently it just automatically loads the PVSM file so no dialog appears. I have done a “Reset to Default Settings”

The problem is when I copy the folder containing the PVSM files and images to a Windows machine I expected to see this dialog as shown here: New Options when Loading ParaView State Files, since I need to enable Search files under specified directory.

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Weird. If you go Sources/ Alphabetical/ Sphere/ Apply, then File/ Save Screenshot, do you get the dialog with screenshot options?

Yes, I get a “Save Screenshot Options” dialog. Definitely nothing with Save State… or Load State…

Hmmm … By the way, there is no “how to I turn on the dialog”, it should always be running.

Try the following:

  • File/ open/ Examples/ can.exo. Apply.
  • File/ Save State/ save it somewhere.
  • Reset Session.
  • File/ Load State/ load your state file.

Does that give you the Load State Options dialog?

@wascott Thankyou for the clue. Please have a look at:
LoadStateIssue.zip (251.4 KB)

In this there are two state files:

  • geometry.pvsm This file displays the “Load State Options” dialog as expected.
  • `source.pvsm This file does not display the “Load State Options” dialog.

The difference is that source.pvsm uses the sphere from the ParaView source menu directly. In the case of geometry.pvsm it loads sphere.pvd as the geometry. So it seems that the “Load State Options” is only triggered when the data file is loaded.

Both these state file use vtk_dark_bkg.png. Given that PBR uses a lot of extra files, shouldn’t loading a state file trigger a “Load State Options” dialog for any of the accesed file in the folder?

You may be running into this issue: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/20850

I bet Utkarsh is correct. Also, note that when you are loading a state without external data (i.e., sources/ sphere), ParaView doesn’t need to ask you where the source is. It’s internal to ParaView!

Yes this is related in that Paraview is not adjusting the paths to related files such as vtk_dark_bkg.png when you move the folder to a different machine. If you download

unzip it and load geometry.pvsm, you will see this issue.

The second issue occurs when a paraview source object is used. Here there is no opportunity to adjust paths to other files in the folder such as vtk_dark_bkg.png. If you load source.pvsm you will see this issue.

The above zip file provides the test cases for both issues.


  1. ParaView needs to adjust paths for other ancillary files in the same folder. It only does this for the geometry at present. With the advent of PBR and skyboxes there can be up to six other image files needed.
  2. If a ParaView source is loaded and there are ancillary files in the same folder, then we still need the opportunity to adjust the paths to these files.

That’s true but with the advent of PBR:

I made a little Python script to update file paths in the pvsm file that point to the folder the pvsm file is in or to subfolders. It has been tested in Kubuntu and Windows.

I have just updated this version, it now corrrectly works in Windows:
RenamePaths.py (4.1 KB)
, it also allows overwriting the pvsm file (use -i to do this).

A fix for this is under way here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/merge_requests/5270
Should make it into the next ParaView-5.10 RC.