Missing Points from export, is it me?

Hi All, im relatively new to Paraview.

I have simulated wind flow in openFOAM and opened in paraView. The visualisation is fantastic and i wanted to export glypths with the associated data for analyitical use elsewhere. However im struggling and cannot see a workflow to do this. I have attempted to “save data” into a text file for the points but many are missing.
The screenshot shows the paraview on the left vs the point export on the right.

Appreciate any thoughts on why this might be.


This should work, please share your data

Thanks for the quick reply, i would need to upload.

The file is around 1gB in size, should i upload it here?

It probably does work and im missing something being new to this.


I’m not sure I totally understand your problem, but if you are using the Glyph filter, you should be aware that it does not, by default, create a glyph for every point in your dataset. For practical reasons, the points are subsampled for glyphing.

Look for the Masking group of options in the properties panel. You can change the masking mode to make a glyph for every point if you wish.

Thanks for your input, i have managed to resolve my issue.

One more question though, when you export the points associated to the glyphs in paraview. Is there any identifier to tie it to the glyph it is part of? For example there would be a number of points on a line glyph with no textual separation, just geometry.