Missing vtkPVServerManagerDefault and vtkPVAnimation in Catalyst Edition ..


we get error messages that above mentioned modules can not be important by the python script, and therefore, some of the features, such as a color bar, can not be used. We used a standard catalyst edition available, and compiled it with the script below. It runs using mesa.

. /etc/profile

module load cmake/3.5.2 openmpi/2.0.2p1_hpcx-gcc64 gcc/6.4.0 python/2.7.12 pftp/ git/2.9.0 hpcx/1.9.7

set +x
set +e

…/Catalyst-v5.5.0-Base-Enable-Python-Essentials-Extras-Rendering-Base/cmake.sh …/Catalyst-v5.5.0-Base-Enable-Python-Essentials-Extras-Rendering-Base/
-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-lrt -O2 -pthread -std=gnu++11 -lstdc++ -lm"

make -j 256

Neither vtkPVServerManagerDefault nor vtkPVAnimation exist in the manifest that describes this edition, and we are unsure how to solve this. Any idea?

Thanks for your help!
Jef and Niklas


I think it should not be an error, because you don’t need this modules (and, indeed, they are not part of the catalyst edition). This messages come from the file servermanager.py , line 63 and following. You may remove the print_error() concerning vtkPVServerManagerDefault and vtkPVAnimation.
I created an issue in ParaView: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/issues/18248

Thank you Nicolas for your answer. We stumbled over this, because we wanted to have a Color Legend displayed with the data, and it seems that the definition for this is within vtkPVServerManagerDefault. The resulting error for this is the following among others similar:

No proxy that matches: group=representations and proxy=ScalarBarWidgetRepresentation were found.

Is this defined somewhere else that we missed? Do you have any idea how to include a color legend? We generated the Python Script using ParaView 5.5 and removed a couple of things that weren’t defined, but were also hoping that a legend would be standard.

Thank you!
Jef and Niklas

To add some missing feature, you have to create your own CatalystEdition that will include the proxies you want. It’s may be a long way, as you have to check all dependencies, maybe patch some code, etc …
Take a look at the Catalyst/Editions folder in ParaView repo: the manifest.json describes the files/classes you want to add, the patches you want to apply. You need to create your own folder with a manifest.json (and maybe patches, …) and then extract the CatalystEdition via the catalyze.py script.

There is some documentation here and I’m working on the Catalyst User Guide here.

Hope it will help,

Thanks again! We’ll try it out.
Have a nice day, Cheers Niklas