Modifying algorithms in Paraview Visualizer


I want to make paraview visualizer load multiple files, group these files and select an output color mapping as default during launch. I know that these steps can be done using a python script in paraview desktop, but how do you implement this in paraview web? Which file do I need to modify?

Thank you for your time.

There would be two approach to achieve that:

  1. Server side: Edit the script to handle more arguments to match your need and perform the loading/initialization of those files in the initialize() function using those extra args.

  2. Client side: You might be able to load an additional script in the main index file that could drive the server and request the loading of those many files and apply what ever transformation or edits you need on them. In order to achieve that you will need to get your hand on the client/connection-object for which I’m not sure it is publicly available and may require a tiny change on the client side of Visualizer client side.