Modiying panel_visibility in @smproperty.xm with Python

Dear devs, I’m writing a Python filter and I added two check buttons to the panel with @smproperty.xml(), as copied below.
I need the 2nd of these two check buttons to be displayed (or active) only when the first button is checked, otherwise it should be invisible or grayed out. Is there any way to accomplish this, for example changing panel_visibility=never to panel_visibility=default with Python?

   <IntVectorProperty name="DoStuff1"
       <BooleanDomain name="bool"/>
       <Documentation>Check to do stuff</Documentation>

def DoStuff1(self, x):

… and then the same with a second check button with the command DoStuff2 - This button should be invisible or grayed out unless the first one is checked.

Thank you for any help.